Urban Farming And Gardening

Urban Farming: Good Or Bad?

The majority of us think that organic produce is better for us than mass-produced and processed corporate farm foods, but that’s not necessarily the case. Just because you go to a farmers market to purchase fruits and vegetables doesn’t mean that the person growing such knows what they’re doing. Another day, I had a discussion about this with a major authority on Urban Farming and he suggested the importance of safe food supplies and the future possibility of mass-producing agriculture inside the city itself or quite near it.

Really, I asked him why do you hold this opinion? Is it because of the price of transport? I mean there are a lot of abundant places on Earth to grow food. You see, we’ve got very fertile regions in particular regions where the plants grow beautifully, and we have an excellent transportation and distribution system also. He further implies that in some cases people should grow their own food source so it’s secure, thus, his focus on Urban Farming.

The free market appears to make a great deal of food, and our food supply, at least in the USA is completely safe, not many incidents in any respect, and we convinced here about each little one through the mass media when something goes wrong. Now then, some people are worried about GM crops, using fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides, and food poisoning, so, his response is to grow one’s own food as a Possible solution and “The question is how can they do this in an urban setting? But I ask; does he think that Urban Farming actually makes sense, I mean from the suburbs growing vegetables in a garden is reasonable.

For city apartment dwellers I guess you will find hydroponic growing techniques available for Super Food level citrus, vegetables, fruit, etc. – but these things are slow to catch on right now. His comments are to utilize such strategies as -Total year productive green roofs in colder climates. Okay so, sure, makes sense, but with all the pollution from the city, it sounds Urban farming may not be so good, also, frequency pollution, etc.. He also believes that urban agriculture will mitigate urban heat island troubles, and might assist with stormwater reclamation and cleaning.

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