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Coveted Careers in the Marijuana Industry

The debate over the use of cannabis isn’t completed. Cannabis has seen increased employment opportunities since recent legalizations for recreational and medicinal uses. The growth rate of the cannabis industry is far greater than that of technology. The employment market has been booming and is predicted to rise by 220%, leaving plenty of opportunities for job seekers.

There have never been more excellent opportunities for jobs in the cannabis industry, with numerous countries that have legalized medical cannabis and having recreational legalization. With this in mind, a career in the cannabis sector may be the perfect fit for you.

Potential Job Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry

Many companies offer employee perks, and there are always opportunities for advancement. Wage ranges can vary depending on experience, but entry-level jobs often pay higher than the average for the country. Here’s a look at the most sought-after cannabis-related jobs available in the industry.

1. Extraction Director

A director for extraction oversees the processing and refinement of active ingredients such as THC and CBD. Oil concentrates and a wide range of food products are active ingredients. Extraction directors are responsible for facility and lab design, cleanliness, compliance, and employment. The majority of candidates have backgrounds in formulations for pharmaceuticals or genetics of plants. The applicant should also know about vape pens and cannabis juice. If you want to research this, hit the web and type in “vape in Calgary” for best results.

2. Cultivation Director

Each cannabis business requires a qualified director of cultivation. Cloning, planting, crop nutrition, and pest control need to be managed by the cultivation directors, and they should be responsible for personnel. For good yields, many people who apply to this field rely on their understanding of gardening and botany. When it comes time to produce cannabis, job candidates should know the plant’s health and potency and adhere to established operating guidelines.

3. Manager for Cannabis Compliance

A cannabis compliance officer ensures that cannabis products adhere to applicable laws and regulations, as well as health and safety standards. Since every commercial cannabis production must conform to state rules and laws, cannabis compliance managers have a crucial role to play. Managers gather and analyze data from seed to sale and perform internal checks for compliance. They should be prepared to set up new policies and procedures when necessary.

4. Master for Edibles

For marijuana businesses that produce edible cannabis products, skilled chefs are essential. Edible chefs create unique recipes and oversee the production of edibles. If you’re looking for an exciting career, think about an opportunity as a cannabis chef. There are different types of cannabis edibles. Calgary is a home for exceptional cannabis gummy. If you want to know more about it, do a quick search on the web by typing in “Calgary THC gummies” in your search bar. 

5. Chief of Dispensary

The store manager for a dispensary oversees all retail operations for cannabis businesses in charge of a dispensary’s everyday operations and its inventory. They are also tasked with recruiting and training employees of dispensaries and making sure that the dispensary adheres to all state laws. To run a profitable retail marijuana store, the dispensary’s chiefs must be dedicated and competent leaders.

6. Trimming Expert

Because they prepare all the gathered products properly, trimmers are one of the most popular entry-level positions. Trimmers remove the blossoms from the marijuana plant and groom each bud further. They could also be accountable for the weighing of inventory and recording details. You should be responsible and maintain a high level of sanitation to qualify as a trimmer if you like this job opportunity and live in Canada, type in “dispensary Calgary” to look for cannabis dispensaries in the area.